An introduction of different types of composite flexible packaging bags

Apart from the quality of the product itself and the influence of the brand, the exquisite and novel packaging design is also very important for product sales. This is Bonnie from Forbest Packaging Co., Ltd. I’m going to introduce you a composite flexible packaging bag in this article. It is eight edge sealing bags, or can be called stand up zipper bag. It can be widely used in food industry, pet industry, electronics industry or many other industries. The design of eight-edge sealling bag usually looks like below image.

composite flexible packaging bags

The material selection of such flexible packaging bag can be simple divided into three types:

1) Type A- Plastic composite plastic packaging bags, like Nylon composite with Polythene or PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) composite with Polythene. These are ordinary composite flexible packaging bags; you can decide whether to make it clear to see inside content. These materials are not work for products what require high temperature cooking.


2) Type B- Plastic composite high temperature resistance film packaging bags, like Nylon composite with CPP film or PET  (Polyethylene terephthalate) composite with CPP film. Except CPP film, CPE is another kind film can be used. This kind of bags are durable for high temperature, like from 10℃-135℃. They are used for curry, chestnut, sweet corn, cooking dog food and other high temperature cooking packaging.


3) Type C- Plastic composite complex film, like PET composite with aluminum layer and Polythene, or PET laminate both aluminum layer and CPP film;  Or maybe nylon composite with aluminum layer and Polythene, or even Nylon laminate both aluminum and CPP film etc.  This type of bags is usually high end, having the feature of good  barrier property and widely used for high-end food, pet food and other products. 


If you have any question regarding the composite flexible packaging pouch, we are happy to answer your questions. Or if you are looking for eight edge sealing bag or customized pet food packaging or other flexible packaging, please get in touch.