Production Process of Mycelium Packaging ( Mushroom Packaging)

Production Process of Mycelium Packaging ( Mushroom Packaging)

Mycelium packaging or some people may call it mushroom packaging is a kind of creative sustainable packaging material. It is simply made with cornstraw and mycelium and able compostable in soil within 60 days.

Its outstanding properties is but not limited to: full biodegradable, no chemical additives, no heavy metal, nontoxic, no irritating odor, fireproof, light density, high impervious, good cushioning, insulated, adiabatic, shock absorption, thermal insulated, recyclable or collect to be bio-fertilizer.

It can be used as product packaging cushioning, interior functional decoration, food insulation packaging, that to replace corresponding white pollution plastic products: EPS, EPE, PU foam.

In next, I’d like to introduce the production process of mushroom packaging to you.

Step 1: Harvest Corps

Step 2: Collect Vegetable fiber

Step 3: Sterilization

Step 4: Inoculation

Step 5: Cultivation

Step 6: Molding & Growing

Step 7: Dehydrating

Step 8: Products finished

Step 9: Biodegrade in nature

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mushroom packaging production process