What are the uses of paper molded pulp packaging?

In the market, we often see a lot of paper molded tray packaging. Then you may ask why is the pulp molded tray so popular now? In fact, this is decided by its usage, many industries are very like to use molded pulp packaging. Let me introduce you 4 main uses.

1. Electronic Products; It is sensitive to the environmental impact of a lot of electronic products, such as afraid of crash and electrostatic, afraid of damp, corrosion, so the choice of packing is very careful to make sure the inside products is not affected in the transport and storage on the way. In this case, the per pulp tray with feature of cushioning, moisture-proof, rust-proof, anti-static characteristics is a better choice, and we can also add additives to extend its performance during the production process. 

2. Electric appliance; In the past, many home appliance products are using foamed plastics as lining. However, because of the pollution of foamed plastic to the environment, many developed countries have rejected this kind of plastic packaging. Therefore, Eco-friendly and sustainable paper pulp packaging has gradually become a better choice, and the paper pulp tray has the advantages of good plasticity, strong buffer, can fully meet the requirements of the internal packaging of electrical appliance!

3, Fragile product insulation pad; Like glass, ceramics and eggs or other fragile products, the previous use of packaging in the anti-shock effect is difficult to be satisfactory, but molded pulp packaging has a good buffer damping capacity, especially dry pressed molded paper clamshell that with advantage of low cost, can be mass production and used! 

4, food (drug) packing; At present, the pulp molded packaging can be customized to a variety of different types, so now also gradually began to application in the food. In addition to the fast-food utensils, many drugs, deli, semi-finished products and convenience foods can use paper pulp molded packaging, it is not only clean and recyclable. 

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Modled Pulp clamshell