What is mushroom packaging and what can the mushroom material do?

What is mushroom packaging and what can the mushroom materal do?

Mushroom packaging is acturaly let the mycelium grown in vacumm formed molds using agricultural waste like corn stalkes or husks. It is 100% brioderadeable.

Mushroom Packaging could be used as alternative for foam plastics that to be used for products package, when it completed its usage, mushroom packaging could be disposed and degradation in nature as plant food, OR, recycle by manufacturer.

Its excellent properties of cushioning and plasticity makes it could be fabricated to many shapes of packaging cushioning material, it’s good to be used as packaging material and interior decorative articles. We had fabricated like: packaging box, flower pot, lampshade etc.

Mushroom material or formal name is mycelium materal is a material of building heat insulating, it could substitute for the normal interlayer, it has excellent properties of: light mass, resistant to vibration, resistant to compression, resistant to burn, heat insulation, non-toxic, and easy to use.

Below are images of mushroom packaging that produced by factory located in Guangdong, China. 

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