What is the difference between wet press moled pulp and dry press moled pulp?

What is the difference bwtween wet press molded pulp vs dry press molded pulp

Molded pulp is one of sustainable packaging material. Do you know how to distinguish wet press molded pulp and dry press molded pulp?

In below chart, I will explain the difference one by one. 


Wet press molded pulp

Dry press molded pulp

Mold cost


Reference: 2000USD~3000USD

Depends on size and design


Reference: USD4000-5000USD

Depends on size and design

Unit price

Relatively Lower

Relatively high



recycled cardboard

Other options:

sugarcane bagasse paper

White paper

sugarcane bagasse paper

white paper

bamboo paper

kraft paper


One side is very smooth, the other side has mesh texture

One side is relatively smooth, the other side is rough


usual 2mm-3mm

Minimum 1.5mm

Usual 0.8mm-1mm

Minimum 0.6 mm to maximum 1.2mm

Dimension range

Within L700mm*W600mm*H120mm

Within L1200mm*W800mm*H150mm


Mostly used in disposable tableware, food grade packaging, small electronic products, cosmetics and other products require refined packaging for brand enhancing and product’s added-value increasing

Mostly used as protective packaging for electronics, home appliance, fruits, eggs and some other products required better production but lower cost.

Bamboo Fiber Pulp Mold Clamshell 2
Paper Pulp Molded Packaging Tray 4

                    Wet-press molded pulp example

                          Dry-press molded pulp example

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