4 Sustainable packaging solutions that Forbest Packaging could offering you

As more consumers are environmentally conscious, it pushes brands to be more socially and environmentally responsible, the term “sustainable packaging” has become more than just a buzzword. More and more companies and brands are giving real substance to the phrase “reduce, reuse and recycle.


Here I will introduce 4 sustainable packaging solutions that Forbest Packaging team could provide to you.

1. Paper and cardboard packaging

Like corrugated box or paper tube or the paper mailer etc., they are all belongs to the paper things. We all known that paper thing is one of the important traditional packaging materials like plastic, metal and glass etc. Have you ever thought why paper and cardboard packaging is so popular? I believe the main reason is it 100% recyclable. 

The report of Pew Charitable Trusts did a study in 2020, consumers were asked to choose their preferred packaging material. The study found that 55% of these consumers preferred paper packaging due to its environmental benefits. As a result, many customers over the world are starting to favor brands that use environmentally friendly packaging. Of course, paper & cardboard packaging will be the priority.

2. Compostable bags

Plastic has been the majority of the packaging material for years. With the development, we found that plastics are causing white pollution and making serious damage to the environment. Then people begin to work on finding good alternative of plastics. 

Compostable plastic is one of the alternatives of plastics, it is made of cornstarch (PLA) and biodegradable polymer (PBAT), which is a 100% biodegradable packaging. In addition, it is strong, waterproof, flexible, tear resistant and reusable as a plastic bag. The compostable bags usually take about 6 months to completely decompose in the Industrial composting environment.

3. Pulp Molded packaging

Molded Pulp use recycled paper, cardboard or wood pulp as raw materials, making through pulp to mold forming. Paper pulp molded packaging is one of the greenest packaging materials. It can be used to various industries as the outer packaging or the inner packaging. 

The production technology of paper holder is simple and practical, and there is no pollution in the production process, which meets the requirements of environmental protection production. It has feature of good shock resistance and cushioning, as well as light weighted and low recycling cost, can be used repeatedly to reduce environmental pollution. We are happy to custom design molded pulp packaging according to the different requirements of clients.

4. Mushroom Packaging

Mushroom packaging is acturaly let the mycelium grown in vacumm formed molds using agricultural waste like corn stalkes or husks. It is 100% brioderadeable. 

Mushroom Packaging could be used as alternative for foam plastics that to be used for products package, when it completed its usage, mushroom packaging could be disposed and degradation in nature as plant food, OR, recycle by manufacturer. It is home or backyard compostable.

Drop an e-mail or call to know more about sustainable packaging solutions we can offer, you may get free samples to evaluate.