Usage of compostable bags and its color options

a)      Compostable mailer (or compostable bubble padded mailer), white or black is the ordinary color, of course you could customize the color as long as you meet the MOQ of factories. 

compostable mailer

B)    Compostable trash bag, like dog pop bag; It seems green color is the favorite color. Of course, you could customize other colors.  

compostable trash bag

C)   Compostable zip lock bag. It is usually used for daily products like cloths, or cosmetic tools etc. For this usage, usually transparent bags or frosted bags are preferred for people to easy tell the inside content. I have to say, frosted one is best choice because you could use both PLA+PBAT material to make the bag soft touch. The solution to make transparent compostable bag is using 100% PLA material, then the bags are a little bit rigid, more easier to break and the soft bags. Below image show you how they look.


compostable zip look bag

d)   Compostable vast bag or sorting bags. Obviously, they are frequently used in supermarket. Forested bags are the common choice.


compostable vast bag

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