What is the cost-saving way to make sample of molded pulp?

In ordinary case, you have 3 options of to make the sample of molded pulp.

Option A: making 3D printed plastic tray to verify the structure and dimension. The sample cost is usually $50~$300 depends on the size of the tray. Sample lead time is around 3~7 days.

Option B: Opening a temporary mold that producing 1pc drop on one time for samples only. In bulk production one mold produce 4pcs drop or 6pcs drop each time according to size of the tray. This
temporary mold can be used to produce 10-20 samples. The mold cost is $500~$2000 depend on size of thee tray. It will take around 10 days for opening mold and testing mold.

Option C: If client trust our capacity, we could directly make mold also can be used for mass production order. The mold will be made of aluminum and can be modified a little bit if any
adjustment is needed.

You could decide which is the best way for you to make a sample according to above information. 

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