Production process of wet-press molded pulp

Usually, there are 3 kinds of molded pulp as below.

u  Wet-press molded pulp

u  Dry-press molded pulp

u  Refined dry-press molded pulp ( or someone may call it half-dry or
half-wet press molded pulp)


Today, we’d like to introduce the production process of wet-press molded pulp. As for the difference of dry press
molded pulp and wet press molded pulp, we’ll introduce next time.


Step 1: Design according to physical products that fits in the molded pulp

Step 2: Making the forming molded and the heat pressing molded; Usually we’ll make the forming mold in priority and test this mold first. Trimming mold will be made at later stage.

Step 3: Pulping according to different material proportion like how many percent sugar cane bagasse or bamboo pulp or the paper pulp will be used.

Step 4: Pulp flow to the forming mold and get basic shape and dimension. The molded pulp tray is wet in this process.

Step 5: The basic formed pulp will be transferred to the heat pressing process. The heat pressing mold is made by steel mesh, it will make the basic molded pulp to get refined in shape and size and also dry it.

Step 6: The dried molded pulp to get trimmed. We could use punching mold or knife mold to trim them according to the shape/structure or quantity of order.

Step 7: quality check one by one and keep checking records.

Step 8: pack them according to client’s special request or we suggest packing method.


Above all is the general production process of the wet-dry molded pulp.