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Production process of wet-press molded pulp

Usually, there are 3 kinds of molded pulp as below. u  Wet-press molded pulp u  Dry-press molded pulp u  Refined dry-press molded pulp ( or someone may call it half-dry orhalf-wet press molded pulp)   Today, we’d like to introduce the production process of wet-press molded pulp. As for the difference of dry pressmolded pulp and wet press molded pulp, we’ll introduce next time.   Step 1: Design according to physical products that fits in the molded pulp Step 2: Making the forming molded and the heat pressing molded; Usually we’ll make the forming mold in priority and test this mold first. Trimming mold will be made at later stage. Step 3: Pulping according to different material proportion like how many percent

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