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What are the uses of paper molded pulp packaging?

In the market, we often see a lot of paper molded tray packaging. Then you may ask why is the pulp molded tray so popular now? In fact, this is decided by its usage, many industries are very like to use molded pulp packaging. Let me introduce you 4 main uses. 1. Electronic Products; It is sensitive to the environmental impact of a lot of electronic products, such as afraid of crash and electrostatic, afraid of damp, corrosion, so the choice of packing is very careful to make sure the inside products is not affected in the transport and storage on the way. In this case, the per pulp tray with feature of cushioning, moisture-proof, rust-proof, anti-static characteristics is a better choice,

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mycelium packaging protective angle corner 3

Will mycelium be a perfect alternative of platics?

These fibrous networks do not take long to grow. They appear in a few hours and able to form layers of fibrous networks in a few days, and are fully formed in a week. During the stage of growth, the mycelium can be put into moulds to produce products or special packaging. Since the mycelium feeds on agricultural waste, the end product is a complex of the mycelium and digested natural material. The final step in production is to heat the mycelium and treat it to make it inert, thus eliminating the possibility of the product starting to grow mushrooms or releasing irritating spores.  Mycelium can grow into specific forms by regulating temperature, carbon dioxide exposure, humidity, and airflow. Mycelium packaging is

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composite plastic bags

An introduction of different types of composite flexible packaging bags

Apart from the quality of the product itself and the influence of the brand, the exquisite and novel packaging design is also very important for product sales. This is Bonnie from Forbest Packaging Co., Ltd. I’m going to introduce you a composite flexible packaging bag in this article. It is eight edge sealing bags, or can be called stand up zipper bag. It can be widely used in food industry, pet industry, electronics industry or many other industries. The design of eight-edge sealling bag usually looks like below image. The material selection of such flexible packaging bag can be simple divided into three types: 1) Type A- Plastic composite plastic packaging bags, like Nylon composite with Polythene or PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) composite

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eco friendly paper mailer shipping bags 4

what are the compostable bags made of?

Compostable plastic bags are composed of PBAT, PLA resin, starch and other additives. Since PLA+PBAT are completely compostable materials. As long as they meet the requirements of compost degradation which is high temperature and humidity and there is sufficient microbial flora, degradation starts. Under compost conditions, compostable plastics can be degraded and dissolved due to bio-reactive processes, and then completely degraded to carbon dioxide, water, and other new biomass.  What are the benefits of compostable plastic bags made from these ingredients? It has to be said that this plastic bag can be gradually broken down by contact with microorganisms in nature. In this way, there will be no white pollution caused by plastic bags, avoiding more serious damage to the environment. The

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PLA biodegradeable bags 2

Biodegradeable plastic bags

what is biodegradeable bags and the classification? First, we are happy to announce that we became the owner of domin In next articles, I will explain what is the difference of biodegradable vs compostable. In this page, I will let you know something about biodegradable plastic bags. With the large demand of the market, many people have begun to purchase a large number of biodegradable bags, do you know what is biodegradable plastic bags? From the selection of raw materials to the processing of the production process, biodegradable plastic bags will not pollute the environment, and can be recycled. The degradation of plastics refers to the end of the polymer life cycle and the reduction of molecular amount, which is manifested

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What makes Gen Z consumers pay?

A new generation of consumers, represented by Generation Z, is emerging, and their attitudes and preferences are particularly evident: they are more willing to pay for products and brands that have social value, but high product premiums still discourage sustainable packaging choices. 73% of consumers feel guilty about enjoying life at the expense of damaging the environment, and 80% feel brands and companies are responsible for the environment (GFK Consumer Research) 13% of Gen Z consumers globally and 25% of Gen Z consumers in China are particularly concerned about a brand’s environmental actions (OCR) 59% of Gen Z are willing to buy upgraded products (products that are made more valuable by reuse on top of used items) (First Insight survey data) Young

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