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What is the difference between wet press moled pulp and dry press moled pulp?

What is the difference bwtween wet press molded pulp vs dry press molded pulp Molded pulp is one of sustainable packaging material. Do you know how to distinguish wet press molded pulp and dry press molded pulp? In below chart, I will explain the difference one by one.    Wet press molded pulp Dry press molded pulp Mold cost Lower Reference: 2000USD~3000USD Depends on size and design Higher Reference: USD4000-5000USD Depends on size and design Unit price Relatively Lower Relatively high Material preferred: recycled cardboard Other options: sugarcane bagasse paper White paper sugarcane bagasse paper white paper bamboo paper kraft paper Surface One side is very smooth, the other side has mesh texture One side is relatively smooth, the other side is

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Is there size limit for production of the mushroom packaging?

To answer this question, you have to know how the mushroom packaging is made first. In short, it is using crops waste as structure substrate and adding special fungus to develop its mycelium to combine all raw materials and solidify together in the mold. Usually, the mold is vacuum formed mold and the mycelium grow in the mold to expected dimension and shape. This process usually takes 3 days, then we remove the formed mushroom packaging from mold and dehydrate it. You can understand the shape and dimension of the mold decide the final mushroom packaging. Talking from the production aspect, there is indeed a size limit for the cut-out tray for mushroom packaging like below. It is at least one dimension

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Production Process of Mycelium Packaging ( Mushroom Packaging)

Production Process of Mycelium Packaging ( Mushroom Packaging)   Mycelium packaging or some people may call it mushroom packaging is a kind of creative sustainable packaging material. It is simply made with cornstraw and mycelium and able compostable in soil within 60 days. Its outstanding properties is but not limited to: full biodegradable, no chemical additives, no heavy metal, nontoxic, no irritating odor, fireproof, light density, high impervious, good cushioning, insulated, adiabatic, shock absorption, thermal insulated, recyclable or collect to be bio-fertilizer. It can be used as product packaging cushioning, interior functional decoration, food insulation packaging, that to replace corresponding white pollution plastic products: EPS, EPE, PU foam. In next, I’d like to introduce the production process of mushroom packaging to you.

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Polythene Bag Biodegradable Cornstarch Carrier Bags 3

What’s the material options for plastic vest bags?

For most of the vest bags that used in supermarket or other shops, they are plastic. While with the ban on plastic bags and the growing awareness of environmental protection, more and more shops are using sustainable, biodegradable shopping bags. In next, I’d like to introduce the commonly used materials for the plastic vest bags and their advantage or disadvantage comparing to each other. Project Item Fully Degradable material Half Degradable Material Traditional Materia Main Material Corn Starch+ Fully Biodegradable resin biodegradable material +PE PE Tenacity Low (because of non-PE content, so the tenacity is relatively low than ordinary plastic bags) Medium High Degree of degradable It can be completely degraded in a certain time without harmful residue The degraded material will

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What is the cost-saving way to make sample of molded pulp?

In ordinary case, you have 3 options of to make the sample of molded pulp. Option A: making 3D printed plastic tray to verify the structure and dimension. The sample cost is usually $50~$300 depends on the size of the tray. Sample lead time is around 3~7 days. Option B: Opening a temporary mold that producing 1pc drop on one time for samples only. In bulk production one mold produce 4pcs drop or 6pcs drop each time according to size of the tray. This temporary mold can be used to produce 10-20 samples. The mold cost is $500~$2000 depend on size of thee tray. It will take around 10 days for opening mold and testing mold. Option C: If client trust our

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